Bocciolone Fire Hose Reel



Bocciolone provides a complete range of manual hose reels swinging and fixed type in ¾” or 1" diameter. These hose reels are manually operated and are activated by opening an inlet valve enabling the water to flow through the 30 meter long hose. Bocciolone Manual Hose Reels are available with a quick and easy installation mounting bracket which allows installation to be completed by one person.


These fire hose reels provide a very effective fire fighting tool with a continuous supply of water immediately and are designed and manufactured for wide range of applications such as for fixed wall installation, fire cabinets, wall mounted swinging operation, door mounting or fixed installations.


Bocciolone hose reels can be used without alteration for mounting with inlet to left/right or top/bottom of the hose reel, also it is fitted with specially designed glandless type drip proof seal.This gives maximum flexibility to suit an extensive range of architectural and installation requirements and makes it easy to install.



Key Features

  • Compact design with excellent flow characteristics
  • Supplied with Wall-mounting bracket
  • Bocciolone jet / spray /shut-off nozzle
  • Ready for surface or recess installations
  • Corrosion resistant coating

  • Maintenance free

  • Drum plate is finished in red polyester electrostatic powder coated
  • Fixed reels available with flexible inlet piping
  • Full Range of Hose Reel Cabinets
  • 5-Year Warranty

 Operating Instructions

  • Open the main valve fully
  • Pull out the hose
  • Open nozzle, adjust to spray or jet as required
  • Aim nozzle at base of the fire

  • After use, close the nozzle, turn off the main valve, rewind the hose, ensuring that it is properly wound around the hose reel (not overlapping the side plates). Open the nozzle to drain water from the hose and then close the nozzle on completion
Technical Specifications

  • Hose length : 30 m
  • Hose : Red hose, designed to standard EN671-1 for fire hose reels
  • Hose Reel Depth: 270 mm
  • Drum diameter: 550 mm
  • Gross weight (without hose) : 14.5 kg
  • Paint finishing : Red Polyester - RAL3000
  • Pressure Test: 12 bar
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