Macron manufactures and supplies, for installation by others, all necessary components for dry and wet riser systems.  
The dry riser system is only charged with water when in use, whereas the wet riser system is permanently connected to a water supply.
All components are manufactured strictly to relevant British Standards.  They can be used in multi-storey buildings where a fire fighting system should be available for fire brigade use.

Boxes conform to BS 5041 Parts 4 and 5 1.5mm steel construction with 3mm thick architrave 38mm wide
Red dry powder coated finish.  Other colours available
Lock and key and wired glass window fixed with glazing rubber
Boxes for foam inlets and single breechings available on request

Dry riser system
An inlet breeching at ground level provides the connection to the water supply and can be installed in a horizontal or vertical position.  Thebreeching has a 102mm (4 in) screwed or flanged outlet and two 65mm (2 1/2 in) instantaneous male inlets fitted with non-return valves and drain valve as standard.  It is housed in a dry riser box, normally recessed into the external wall of the building.  Each draw-off point from the dry riser is fitted with a landing valve, situated in a recess or cabinet. 
Manufacture is in accordance with BS 5041 Part 2.
The valves have instantaneous couplings to BS 336, for connection to the fire-fighting hose. The head of the dry riser should be fitted with an air release valve which ventilates pipework as water is pumped in and closes automatically by water pressure.

Wet riser system
This system is permanently connected to the water supply. Therefore inlet breeching and air release valves are not required. Each draw - off point requires a landing valve, with either a rubber metal seated valve. They are manufactured in accordance with BS 5041 Part 1.The instantaneous female outlet is to BS 336. Inlet connections may be screwed or flanged as required.